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Questions & Answers for Visitors
What can I expect?
     You will be greeted at the front entrance by a smiling usher (they usually wear white gloves). The usher will give you a printed program of the service and show you to a seat.
What if I have children with me?

     We have Children's Church each Sunday at 10:45 a.m. for youth ages 2 to 9 years old.  Your child is welcome to worship in an age appropriate environment under the supervision of our Youth Ministry Staff.
What should I wear?
   We don’t have a dress code, so wear what’s comfortable for you.

     Most of our older members wear suits and dresses, but the younger folks often wear (men) shirts/pants and (women) blouses/skirts or pants.

     We don’t want you to feel awkward, or out of place, so don’t let your clothing prevent you from visiting.
What will I have to do? Sing, say my name, etc.?
   You don’t have to sing, or do anything but enjoy the fellowship of people who are happy to see you.

      During worship service, a member of our Hospitality Ministry or our Pastor will stand before the congregation and provide a brief welcome to any visitors in attendance.

   Visitor Cards are placed in the racks of our pews.  Please feel free to fill out the card and place it in the Visitor Box at the door.  We want to follow up with you and be available to meet any needs you may have.
What time should I show up?
   Allow enough travel time to the church and at least ten minutes to take your seat. We have 7:45 am and 10:45 am Worship Services each Sunday.

     Please join us for continental breakfast each Sunday at approximately 9:15 am in the Lower Auditorium of the church.