5-Year Strategic Plan

Pastor's Message . . .
Mount Moriah Baptist Church has a blessed and rich history of ministry and service in the community.
We have placed our trust in God to guide us in the development of programs and activities that will equip our disciples to meet the challenges and changes of the future and to be more Christ like in all facets of their lives.
We want a culture of spiritual excellence to prevail in our Church and we are dedicated to identifying any area in which we can improve.  That spirit, combined with our mission, vision and purpose, has guided us in the formation of this 5-Year Strategic Plan.
We have analyzed the internal and external environment of the Church with a view of determining what we need to do to realize our full potential, while at the same time preparing servant-leaders to serve the Church and impact the world for Christ.
Exciting times are ahead for Mount Moriah Baptist Church.  We are "Moving Forward," trusting God to lead the way, and we believe the initiatives outlined will help us in this endeavor.  Change is necessary and it is welcomed when it takes place with intention and purpose.
In His Service,
Dr. Lucius M. Dalton
Senior Pastor